How do your customers refer to your business?

We believe you will find that your patrons refer to your businesses as Crossroads Bowl instead of your actual business name. How much easier is it to tell your customer’s to visit our website at rather than or

Before you discount the need for this domain, a few things to consider:

  • In owning the domain name that your business is popularly referred to allows customer’s to more easily visit your website.
  • This allows your customer’s to avoid using a search engine to get information about your business.
  • While you already have an existing website this domain name can be used to forward all direct navigation (type-in traffic) to your main site.
  • Domains names have values! Domains can actually appreciate over time and can be considered a business asset.

To demonstrate that domains have value, we have listed a number of domains that have previous sold that begin with “crossroads” or end with :bowl”.

  • – $1,650
  • – $702
  • $896
  • – $801
  • – $574

While the expense of puchasing a good domain name is a one time charge. The cost needs to be thought of being spread over all the years you will be in business. Noone starts a business that is only anticipated to run for a year.

Think about how many times you have had to repeat your website address to a customer! Are they going to remember it? If you owned this domain it can make it easier for you and your staff to direct traffic to your website.

To purchase a domain name from there are two payment methods available, Paypal (click the Buy Now button) or an type Escrow company ( or Any Escrow fees are to be paid by the Buyer.

If you are uncomfortable buying this name through us, let us know (email and we will put the domain up for sale through the Go Daddy Auctions. You will need to purchase a $4.99/year membership. The domain will then be set up in the auction as a Buy Now. Please know the domain will move directly to your account 6 days after payment.

If you would like the domain faster, once you have purchased the domain from, you will need to create an account at our registrar Once, the account is created email the customer number and the accounts email address to and we can push the domain to your account immediately!

Price: $220.00

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